Happy Tot(ハッピートット)、スーパーフード、オーガニックアップル、マンゴー&ケール+スーパーチア



Stage 4 Tots & Tykes 720 mg Omega-3 (ALA) 3 g Fiber 80% DV Vitamin C USDA Organic Non GMO Project Verified Kosher Fruit & Veggie Blend Certified Organic by CCOF Certified B Corporation Packaged Made Without BPA We are: Real moms, pediatricians & nutritionists on a mission to bring happiness & health to our little ones. We create nutritious meals and snacks that make eating enlightened, effortless & delicious. Did you know that the word "chia" means strength in Mayan? That's because chia seeds contain Omega-3s (ALA) and Fiber to help your toddler get the most out of every bite! Here's to a happy & healthy start!


To Serve: Squeeze onto a spoon or serve directly from the pouch! Do not microwave or boil pouch. To Store: Refrigerate after opening and serve within 24 hours.


Keep cap out of reach of children. If cap seal is broken or pouch looks damaged or unusually inflated, please discard. Always use with adult supervision.


補足事実 サービングサイズ:1袋(120グラム) サービングあたりの金額 %日量 カロリー 100 総脂質 1.5g 4% 飽和脂肪 0 g 0% トランス脂肪 0 g コレステロール 0 mg 0% ナトリウム 5 mg 0% 総炭水化物 20g 13% 食物繊維 3g 18% 糖 15g Incl。 0 g添加された糖 0% タンパク質 1g Vit。 D 0% カルシウム 6% 鉄 8% Potas。 4% Vit。 C 80% Vit。 K 100%有機リンゴピューレ、有機マンゴーピューレ、有機ケールピューレ、粉砕有機チアシード、有機レモンジュース濃縮物、アスコルビン酸(ビタミンC)<1%。


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