Dang, ココナッツチップス、キャラメル海塩



Gluten Free Made From Sliced Toasted Coconuts Dang, That's Good!® 100% Thai Coconuts + Mama Dang's Culinary Magic  = Dang Good Chips Nothing But The Good Stuff Vegan Dairy Free Soy-Free No Preservatives Non GMO  Project Certified Certified B Corporation Dang's Our Name Dang's the name of our founder's mother, with her recipes like no other. Food kept whole for a guilt-free munch, we've raised the bar on the perfect crunch. A straight snackvention, a flavor ascension, delightful morsels that defy convention. Share with friends? You certainly should. Guaranteed they'll shout, "Dang that's good!"  A Coconut Double Down Our Caramel Sea Salt Coconut Chips keep it in the coconut family. We toast whole coconut slices to perfection, enhancing the naturally sweet flavor with a dash of paleo friendly coconut sugar and sea salt. Snack on them straight from the bag or up your topping game on salads, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, ice cream...the list is endless.  From our family to yours, Vincent & Andrew


栄養補助剤成分表示 Serving Size: 1/3 (28 g) Serving Per Container: About 3   Amount Per Serving %Daily Value* Calories 160   Total Fat 10 g 13% Saturated Fat 10 g 50% Trans Fat 0 g   Cholesterol 0 mg 0% Sodium 180 mg 8% Total Carbohydrate 15 g 5% Dietary Fiber 3 g 11% Sugars 10 g   Includes 3 g Added Sugars 6% Protein 1 g   Vitamin D  0 mcg  0% Calcium 0 mg  0% Iron 1.4 mg  8% Potassium  80 mg  0% *The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient  in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.ココナッツ、ココナッツシュガー、海塩。 内容:木の実(ココナッツ)。


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